We thought it’d be a good idea to share our results after one month of blogging, just to give new travel bloggers a realistic idea about what to expect. We’ve listed analytic results (number of visitors and followers) from all our social media accounts and blog.

It’s been a wild ride. Currently, we’re trying to manage this new blog as well as working full-time.

Even though our adventure doesn’t begin for another month, we wanted to lay the foundation now (because who needs sleep?).

A tip for anyone thinking about starting a travel blog: start posting today. It takes time to build a following.

I’ve seen a lot of posts, from other bloggers, claiming that they started making money almost immediately. (Most of the time, they’re trying to sell you their winning strategy.) We thought we’d share our analytics to bring some truth to the table.

And so, here is our results after one month of blogging.

We didn’t make a profit (surprise, surprise), but our social media accounts did grow significantly.

The primary goals in the first month were to (1) build the website and (2) grow our social media following.

Facebook Results After One Month

Total Likes: 7

Honestly, it wasn’t a top priority. In the past, I managed Facebook pages with upwards of 10,000 likes and found that very few followers would click on blog links (plus, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t respect privacy).

Facebook Results After One Month of Blogging

Instagram Results After One Month

Followers: 289

Unfortunately, I didn’t realise Instagram doesn’t let you view monthly analytic results (you can only see the past seven days). I’ve since signed up to Squarelovin, so I’ll be able to view results soon. Below, are results from the last week:

Instagram Results After One Month of Blogging

Pinterest Results After One Month

Followers: 691

I’d never used Pinterest before, so I was eager to see what it could do and so for the first month it was a huge focus. From the results, I’d say it’s grossly underrated.
Pinterest Followers After One Month

Twitter Results After One Month

Followers: 203

Our twitter account really took off in the first month! This was by far our most successful campaign.
Twitter Followers After One Month of Blogging

Website Visitors Results After One Month

Email signups: 0

Considering that the website was only just built, I was pleased that anyone had visited. It takes some time for Google to index new sights, so I thought it would be best just to let it sit for a while and focus on social media.

I did, however, add several essential pages (about us, blog, contact, etc.) and 10 basic blog posts (just to kick things off) which seemed to work.

Blog Results After One Month of Blogging

The main traffic source of our website was social media. That’s because Google won’t list web pages of a new site.
Website Sources After One Month of Blogging


Summary of Activity

  • 161 blog visitors.
  • 203 twitter followers.
  • 691 Pinterest followers.
  • 289 Instagram followers.
  • 7 Facebook followers.
  • Created website and social media accounts.
  • Registered Google Map listing (for SEO).
  • Changed profile pictures from a logo to a selfie (increased engagements sevenfold).
  • Backlinking from social media and business directories (for SEO).
  • Built social media following from regular posting.

Total Cost

  • Domain name = $12
  • Hosting = $3
  • WordPress plugins (Ninja Popup, ThirstyAffiliates, MC4WP, Customer Chat) and theme (Avada) = $90
  • Total = $105

Total Profit

  • Affiliates = 0
  • Products = 0
  • Online TEFOL = 0

Next Months Goals

  • 10 blog posts.
  • Focus on Pinterest (deprioritising other social sites for now).
  • Create a Linkedin Business page.
  • Begin SEO to target keywords:
    • personal travel blogs (100 – 1000 searches a month)
    • Frugal Couple traveler (100 – 1000 searches a month)
    • perpetual traveler (100 – 1000 searches a month)
    • budget travel blog (100 – 1000 searches a month)
    • our awesome travels (100 – 1000 searches a month)
    • couple travel blog (100 – 1000 searches a month)

Tip: use Google’s Keyword Planner to see what people are searching for.


Anyway, I hope this provided some insights. I’d love to know if you guys received similar results in your first month.