I worked in digital security, which naturally made me very paranoid about this sort of thing. Here’s what I suggest:

  • Encrypt your computer’s hard-drive (I use BitLocker) – So that even if it’s stolen they can’t access your data.

  • Use a VPN (I use NordVPN) – It’s easy to read peoples internet traffic if you’re on the same wifi network, unless they use a VPN.

  • Don’t use simple passwords – You’d be surprised how many people have “Password123” or something just as simple. They’re extrememly volnerable to brute force attacks.

  • Install tracking software (such as Prey) – This is worst case. Prey lets you delete the data on stolen devices.

  • Always have your devices on you – Whenever I catch an overnight bus, I put everything valuable in my dayback which is on my lap the entire time.

  • Wrap your bag in Pacsafe’s mesh – Its a metal net with a lock. It’s not impenatrable but makes you a harder target and so theives will probably move on to a less secure bag.

Happy travels!